Doug King and Kurt Johnson: Getting to the Heart of Interspirituality

What are the spiritual implications of a global, multicultural civilization? Where can Spirit, wholeness, and empathy be found in our shared humanity?

Doug King interviews Kurt Johnson (author of The Coming Interspirtiual Age) about  growing our way through old boundaries into an interconnected way of being!



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One thought on “Doug King and Kurt Johnson: Getting to the Heart of Interspirituality

  1. As I was listening to this discussion, I could not help but wonder what the role of redemption and reconciliation with God will/must play in this interspirituality? I am not speaking of redemption and reconciliation in the penal-substitutional way but rather, in an eternal way that sees people reconciled to the creator in a way that produces supernatural love. While I see that this could be my ego trying to hold on to a certain form of Christianity, I rather doubt it. I am skeptical of humanity being able to rise to the occasion of the spiritual shift we have entered into based solely on intellect. I guess what I see is that it is possible when Christianity has morphed into a much gentler, kinder paradigm, that the ideas of redemption and reconciliation could play an important part in creating agape/love that is transformative. What do you think?

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