Does Altruism Exist? Doug King & Co. on the Power of Intentional Evolution

Our world is being rocked by tragic instances of dehumanizing violence on the one hand, and stunning examples of kindness and courage on the other. How to do we dissolve the former in the love of the latter? This is what Dr. David Sloan Wilson, an acclaimed biologist, explores in his latest book, Does Altruism Exist?: Culture, Genes, and the Welfare of Others. Taking a holistic, scientific and spiritual view of what makes for real-world kindness, his research is as exciting as it is needed.

Recently, Presence President Doug King traveled to New York City to be part of a private gathering with over 20 leaders in fields ranging from university professors, United Nations NGOs, nonprofit founders, spiritual teachers, and sustainability experts to discuss Dr. Wilson’s work in practical application.

And now, we have the full video of this ground-breaking round-table discussion:

This far-ranging conversation features the following panelists:

We’re in the midst of an exciting transition for humanity, and the converging perspectives of science and spirituality play a major role. What do you think of this round-table discussion video? Weigh in below!

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