End-Times, or the Beginning of the World as We Know It..?

Ecological disasters, failed Israel/Palestine peace talks, refugee crises, racial tensions – these are some of the challenges facing us today as we live life in a globalized world. People of goodwill seek to increase harmony, cooperation, and the common good as we discover and enact solutions that work for all of us.

Unfortunately, a popular religious perspective on eschatology – or “the end-times” – celebrates these calamities rather than preventing them. Popularized by books like The Late, Great Planet Earth and the Left Behind novel series, this dystopian vision of catastrophic, futuristic eschatology being our inevitable, God-ordained fate has real-world consequences, sowing discord in the choices made by individuals, communities, and governments – mandating that its followers choose fear over love.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Spirit of Prophecy - OriginalIn 1971, independent preacher and scholar Max King rocked the Christian establishment by publishing The Spirit of Prophecy, challenging popular beliefs around this doom-and-gloom biblical interpretation. Offering a fresh, detailed, and faithful reading of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, Max shows students of Scripture that Jesus, the prophets, and gospel and epistle writers rightly understood prophecy as symbolic language uncovering the spiritual meaning of temporal events – event happening in their day, not ours.

As Jesus promised his earliest followers when referring to the end of the world as they knew it, “some of you standing here will not taste death until all these things are revealed.” (see Matthew 24) Rather than being mistaken, as some believers and critics alike maintain while envisioning an endlessly-deferred doomsday scenario involving the literal destruction of the physical universe, Max and the ongoing work of Presence demonstrates that the biblical voices had in mind a much more coherent – and inspiring – vision of a sacred Story in which divine promises are fulfilled, and the future – right now – is an open book that we co-create with God and each other.

Articles in this section share this vision through in-depth biblical study, Here are three pivotal pieces to get you started:

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