• Did Jesus come to start a new religion?
  • Is there a coherent, powerful image of God to be found in our sacred narratives?
  • Can the Bible speak to us today – beyond literalism and skepticism?
  • Can our reading of Scripture read us as we are, not just as we imagine the text to be?
  • How have biblical interpretation, spiritual practice, and community formation always evolved – and how is today’s paradigm shift unique?
  • Can spirituality answer questions my friends and I are really asking, and not just be a ‘solution’ in search of a made-up problem?
  • Where is our ultimate identity sourced?

If you’ve been asking these questions, our new 7-part video series is for you:

Combining evidence-based cultural-developmental theories with unique reflections on biblical studies, Integral Theology shows surprising connections that unite our sacred narratives with our destiny – giving us a refreshing new picture of God, ourselves, community and planetary identity.

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This 7-part video series combines in-depth Biblical study with Spiral Dynamics and a truly Integral, AQAL (all-quadrants, all-levels) approach to spiritual growth. You’ll get one of these per week, delivered right to your Inbox:

Video 1: Beginnings
Video 2: Eden
Video 3: Father Abraham
Video 4: Beauty, Truth and Goodness
Video 5: Apocalypse Then – Jesus and the Body
Video 6: New Heavens and Earth
Video 7: The Communities of Tomorrow

Are you ready to change the way you look at God and growth?