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Combining tested cultural-developmental theories with unique takes on biblical studies and the divine, Integral Theology shows surprising connections that unite our sacred narratives with our destiny. Read on to see what’s possible when we lose our attachment to religious forms and begin to discover our shared identity in spirituality itself!

And now, Presence is releasing the Integral Theology video series shot in beautiful HD. Several years in preparation, this series is a deep-dive into the intersections between a transformative study of the biblical narrative with Spiral Dynamics and an AQAL (all-quadrants, all-levels) approach to spiritual growth. Feeling in the dark about what these terms mean? Don’t worry! In this series, Presence President Doug King discusses the convergence of these two fields for anyone just getting started in either.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Integral Theology Video 1: Beginnings

In our first video, Presence President Doug King introduces the entire series by asking: “Just what is Integral Theology, anyway?”

Along the way, Doug covers:

  • Did Jesus come to start a new religion?
  • Why we need a new, post-religious approach to the biblical narrative
  • The convergence of two different fields: Biblical Studies and Integral Theory
  • Integral Basics
  • Theological Foundations
  • The relationship between Integral Theory and Covenant Eschatology
  • A Copernican revolution in theology.
  • How Spiral Dynamics can help you love your neighbor better
  • Why Integral Theory’s Four Quadrants are anything but ‘square’

Integral Theology Video 2: Eden

Adam. Eve. The Garden of Eden. Have you ever wondered if there’s more to these stories than you were taught in Sunday School? Did you ever suspect that religious believers and atheists alike might be overlooking a bigger picture encoded in Scripture’s founding stories?

We have.

Doug King’s seven-part Integral Theology video series continues today with a foray into the Bible’s founding narrative unlike anything you’ve ever heard. We look at the story and archetype of Adam, showing how he illuminates the Archaic stage of development in the growth model called Spiral Dynamics.

We ask questions like:

  • What is ‘death’ in the biblical narrative?
  • What is ‘sin’ in the biblical narrative?
  • Where is our identity rooted?
  • How do we navigate ‘boundary disputes’ between different beliefs and understandings of reality?

Doug illustrates how eschatology is about dying to one reality and rising to another, and how the entire sweep of the biblical narrative enables us to let go of form-based judgments, valuations, and attachments, inviting us to discover ourselves and everyone as infinitely sourced in, and beloved, by, a God who establishes the value of every person on the planet.

Integral Theology Video 3: Father Abraham

Doug King continues our Spiral Dynamics-infused journey into the biblical narrative, looking at the man revered by three world religions as the “father of faith.” Can faith move us beyond self-sourced religion into God-sourced spirituality? What impact would this have on our sense of identity, and relationships with the sacred, each other, ourselves and our world?

Also, a look at the Light of Spirit which contains all the colors of the Spiral.

Integral Theology Video 4: Beauty, Truth and Goodness

How does Adam typify the inward pull, and Abraham the upward pull toward a life well-lived? How do the universal values of Beauty, Truth and Goodness inspire us to transcend attachment to fixed forms in service of greater love, security, and harmony?

Integral Theology Video 5: Apocalypse Then – Jesus and the Body

In this episode, Doug takes a fresh look at eschatology, illustrating how attentive biblical scholarship and Spiral Dynamics application alike reveal Scripture’s apocalyptic texts to not only be about ‘end times,’ but transition times.

  • How is the Hebrew Apocalyptic idiom that Jesus and his first-century followers make ample use of a trans-forming discourse rather than a fatalistic one?
  • What’s all this stuff in the Bible about the “wrath of God?” How have we missed its point?
  • How were Jesus and his first-century, first-fruits body of believers a transitional ‘pivot’ in developmental history? How is our growth stunted if we mistake the pivot for the point?

Integral Theology Video 6: New Heavens and Earth

What if biblical apocalyptic was less about the end of the world, and more about the end of the world as we knew it? In this penultimate chapter of the Integral Theology video series, Doug King shows how Jesus is a trans-former, not a modifier; how sacrificial religion transitions to service-oriented spirituality (from shedding blood to giving blood!), and how a shift to what Spiral Dynamics calls Second Tier awareness makes all the difference in the world(s).

Integral Theology Video 7: The Communities of Tomorrow

Anyone can deconstruct their faith, but what’s on the other side? The fastest-growing religious group in North America isn’t really a religious group at all; ‘the Nones’ or Spiritual-But-Not-Religious, are on the rise. Contrary to many faith-based groups – we applaud this trend, and even see in it a move of the Spirit, breaking down barriers.

But what happens after you lose your religion? Does the end of ‘church’ as we know it mean that we’re left without spiritual community?

In this final installment of Presence’s Integral Theology series, Doug looks at the pitfalls of postmodern ‘flatlanding’ – of throwing the spiritual baby out with the religious bathwater.

  • How have biblical interpretation, spiritual practice, and community institutions always evolved – and how is this current paradigm shift unique?
  • How can we courageously embrace an un-scripted future and our astonishing stature as co-creators with God?

Anyone who embodies spiritual answers to human problems is creating community – here’s how to start.

What do you think? It would be really valuable to us to hear your feedback: What’s resonating with you? How can we improve on this body of teaching? Email Mike Morrell at with any impressions. Thank you!

For even more Integral Theology, dive into the posts below!

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