Episode 5: Archaic Adam – Part I


We introduce the concepts surrounding the initial stage in Spiral Dynamics; the Archaic. This stage is the foundation for human spiritual consciousness.

Within this stage are the concepts of Form, Boundary and Governance (Law). Creation begins as void and without Form. Adam also begins without Form in terms of an unconsciousness requiring the opening of his eyes.

The opening of the eyes required a God given commandment. Without a command, Adam would never have been conscious of the Forms Obedient/Disobedient and the violation of Boundary. Behind all consciousness of those Forms are the Forms of Good and Evil. We begin a conversation today that will require a number of episodes to see how the Narrative presents the human evolution of God consciousness and the understanding of our very identity.

The Archaic stage, like all first tier stages, is a necessary part of God’s creative work regarding our spiritual consciousness. This stage does not represent a disastrous fall. Until there is consciousness of Form there can be no consciousness of our true, authentic identity-Formlessness.

Thanks for being part of this conversation.