Spiral Dynamics and The Biblical Narrative – Part II

Are we stuck in a moment? In Part Two of our exploration of Spiral Dynamics and the Biblical narrative, Doug King looks at how the Blue (Traditional) meme has served us well in the age of religious particularism – and why we just might be beyond its expiration date.

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4 thoughts on “Spiral Dynamics and The Biblical Narrative – Part II

  1. To begin, I do agree 100% with one of your statements, “God is not Al” (he he). Seriously, thank you so much for this teaching. I remember many years ago leaving a bible conference at the Warren, Ohio church having listened to Max King’s teaching. Driving home I saw that he was saying something much deeper and more profound than I could realize. It did scare me because I understood that I had to make a change in thinking (metanois to be exact) which would alter everything that I believed in. I did step off that spiritual cliff and ended up in a bit of a freefall for a while. It was easy to see the importance of Jesus and the writers of the biblical narrative in the first century setting; however, the question remained, “What NOW!” I followed Presence on its journey and studied Spiral Dynamics on my own. Your presentation,however, is very dynamic and sets the stage for a more complete understanding of the biblical narrative and its importance in the upper tier comprehension of the spiral. So I have gone from “What NOW” to “WOW. Thank you.

  2. In a thousand years will we still need the Bible to explain our relationship with the All That IS, when we do not NEED it today. Why do you persist in thinking that the core of what we must know comes from that book instead of from ourselves?



  3. Oh, sorry if you misunderstood my meaning. I believe that all spiritual books can offer guidelines for a spiritual reality in life. However, I don’t believe it is necessary to consult any book to have an awakening to a deeper connection to the spiritual. In my life, however, the bible is my book of choice and I can see many layers and deeper insights as I study.
    Doug’s journey in Spiral Dynamics has been a blessing to me. In a 1000 years who knows where the world will be in efforts to understand the spiritual realm! JoAnne

  4. It is peculiar that while you talk about inclusiveness you limit your narrative of Jesus and his disciples as the “God Inspired” process of the Christian narrative, as if it was unique, without even mentioning that the Buddha and Socrates, 600 years before Jesus, had presented similar, and perhaps even more clear, second tier narratives, in many of their writings.

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