Roy was born in Goose Creek Texas January 19, 1940. At an early age he developed and demonstrated a keen awareness of his own spirituality. His grandparents were members of the Pentecostal Church, and Roy was introduced to that theology as a child. Long before high school, he was already contemplating being in full-time ministry at some point. After marriage in 1960, Roy and Betsy started attending the local Baptist church while his brother Leonard affiliated with the Church of Christ. After a lengthy debate over the differences between these two denominations, Roy eventually switched to the Church of Christ. With that change Roy became very active in the church visitation program, ultimately taking on a formal position at the Cedar Bayou Church of Christ as the minister in charge of visitation and home evangelism. Throughout this period of association with the C of C, Roy maintained an intense interest in growing in his understanding of the Bible. As a consequence, in the mid 1980's Roy and some other members initiated a weekly home Bible study, aimed at providing an informal forum in which deeper Bible questions could be addressed without the limitations inherent in formal Bible classes. Ultimately Roy and others were introduced to fulfilled eschatology through the writings of Max King. This new view of bible prophecy opened the door to further re-evaluation of the entire gist of the Bible, including the traditional view and scope of the redemptive work of Christ. In the end, Roy came to see and fully embrace a dramatically more majestic picture of God and his graciousness and love, a love which knows no bounds and flows unconditionally. In his later years Roy became an ever more ardent proclaimer of this God of unconditional love and was working on a book to describe his own spiritual journey in the hope that it would liberate others from the fear and uncertainty fostered by traditional institutional Christianity. In embracing and teaching about his new God concept Roy touched many, many lives, sowing his own love everywhere he went. His memorial service was a grand love feast, marking just how powerful love can be. No one could miss how Roy's atypical theological perspective had impacted both Roy, his family, and all those who knew him.

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