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by Max King

In Irrevocable, Max King revolutionizes our understanding of the nature and scope of salvation in Scripture and our lives today. King helps us untangle some of the Apostle Paul's most confounding thought: a portion of his famous letter to the Romans, specifically chapters 9-11. Drawing on Hebrew eschatological and apocalyptic influences, the teachings of Jesus, and a unique understanding of the epistle writer's place in history, King demonstrates that this portion of Scripture—often used in religious history to exclude Jewish people from the table of blessing—means the exact opposite of what it's commonly taken to mean, and this is good news for us all.



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by Max King

Sub-titled, "the two dimensions of one age-changing eschaton," this thoroughly researched, scholarly work examines problems that have plagued the interpretation of Bible prophecy for centuries, then offers a compelling explanation: that the Resurrection was a first century event from the Cross to A.D. 70, which fulfilled the promises of God to Israel. Concludes with responses to common questions on Covenant Eschatology. Researchers, theologians, and Bible enthusiasts of all persuasions will find a veritable gold mine of resources on eschatology.

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by Max King

In 1971 Max King published The Spirit of Prophecy and shook the foundations of modern Bible interpretation. Throughout the '70s and '80s, this book changed the way people thought about the "last days." Now this classic of fulfilled Bible prophecy has been completely updated and rewritten as a fast-reading biblical introduction to eschatology. The second edition includes study questions and chapter summaries, plus a postcript on "The Transmillennial ® view" by Tim King. A perfect companion book for personal study or Bible study classes.

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