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As we launch 2014, the global conversation is really heating up. Never before has there been so much discussion regarding the movement from religion to spirituality. Presence continues to pursue different avenues of contributing to this discussion from the perspective of the Biblical Narrative. While we see the future of humanity with regard to our universal identity, as a movement away from the particularity of religions and into a realm of spirituality, we also believe that the story from father Abraham through Moses and finally to Jesus is more relevant than ever. We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions, thoughts, or ideas. Thanks for joining the conversation!
All depth must be interpreted.
And how we interpret depth is crucially
important for the birth of that depth itself.
New depth allows us new interpretations."

- Ken Wilber, "Sex, Ecology,Spirituality"

Biblical Theology

For those interested in an in-depth study of theology follow the evolution of the writings of Max King from his initial book, “The Spirit of Prophecy” continuing through his various articles written over the last 25 years.

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Integral Theology / Spiral Dynamics

For those interested in an All Quadrant/All Level approach to the Biblical Narrative and the reframing of a new meta-narrative, see how the theological interpretations and understandings of Presence integrate with these models.

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What is Community?

What is the impact of a new meta-narrative on the concept of community? Presence traces the evolution of community as presented in the biblical narrative from its earliest Tribal days through the genealogical identity of Israel, to the first century body of Christ and finally, into a new universal community defining a new heaven and earth.

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