Welcome to Presence

At the heart of Presence is relationship. We host conversations about Integral Theology, Covenant Eschatology, and everyday spirituality – and the relationships these inspire between each other, and within us.

We feature fresh insight from some of the most exciting voices on the planet, challenging our paradigms and opening our hearts to the infinite possibilities of our existence.

Presence is about the discovery and celebration of unbounded life. We see this unbounded life lifting the boundaries we typically divide our lives into – like work and pleasure, daily living and spirituality, stewardship and enjoyment, and more.

What if… 

The “Big Idea” of who we are and where we’re heading is closer than we think?

This core reality transcends both religion and materialism?

It’s really good news, better than anything popularly imagined?

What would our families, our local communities, our nations and our world look like if we started asking each other better questions, and listening to each other? Let’s find out…

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