We need to talk about the concept of separation. This Corona virus has really revealed just how unnatural it is to be separated. This should come as no surprise because the nature of the creator is oneness—not separation! God was in Christ reconciling the world; God was restoring all things; God’s nature is all in all and God’s work in Christ was one that could not be divided. God is life. Separation thinking is death. The nature of Spirit is unity. 

Is the resurrection narrative relevant? How would its meaning change using the models and tools of an integral approach?

This is material I’m using to talk with folks in the integral world who think the Narrative is out of touch. Please join me as I challenge this misconception as I look to build bridges with others.

The Spiral Dynamics model consists of six 1st tier levels leading to an evolutionary leap into a 2nd tier domain.
So, how does the Law function in 1st tier versus 2nd? If we move into universal God identity, have we moved beyond law? How does law function in 2nd tier spirituality? How do we define morals and ethics from a 2nd tier perspective? What does law have to do with sin and death?

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