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The Spiral Dynamics model consists of six 1st tier levels leading to an evolutionary leap into a 2nd tier domain.

We need to talk about the concept of separation. God was in Christ reconciling the world; God was restoring all things; God’s nature is all in all and God’s work in Christ was one that could not be divided. God is life. Separation thinking is death. The nature of Spirit is unity. 

Paul has been criticized by many theologians over the last 50 years as a sometimes confused or off-base writer. But perhaps he is misunderstood when interpreted through various 1st tier lenses.


Is the resurrection narrative relevant? How would its meaning change using the models and tools of an integral approach?

This is material I’m using to talk with folks in the integral world who think the Narrative is out of touch. Please join me as I challenge this misconception as I look to build bridges with others.

A 7-part Integral Theology video series exploring the intersections between a transformative study of the biblical narrative with Spiral Dynamics and an AQAL (all-quadrants, all-levels) approach to spiritual growth.

A 4-part series on Integral Theology using Spiral Dynamics and the Biblical narrative. What is happening in the world? Are things changing on an epic, historic scale? Are there spiritual reasons for why things are unfolding the way they are? What does growth look like in the new world we find ourselves in?

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