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Presence is a non-profit organization contributing to the developmental evolution of individual and collective spiritual consciousness.


Think of us as spiritual cartographers. We are curating developmental charts, hosting global conversations, and amplifying fresh insights from leading-edge voices on the future of spirituality.


At Presence we are asking, “What is the future of religion with regard to universal God identity?” Our proposal is an Integral Spirituality based upon the foundation of an Integral Theology.


This approach transcends the boundaries of religious God identity on one hand but also includes a Narrative that supports the evolutionary consciousness that led us to this place through history.

It’s moving beyond debates about one true religious form and discovering a new space of formlessness wherein universal human oneness is nothing less than God with us, in us, and through us.
It’s coming to see the divine as All in All, not All in some.

For all those who sense and see an evolutionary shift unfolding at an unprecedented rate, welcome to the global conversation for a new earth.



Integral Theology is an evolutionary interpretive approach to the Biblical Narrative. Using the models of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, interpretation follows the course of history with regard to worldviews which determined understanding of God identity.

From Archaic Adam forward each worldview is exemplified in actual history. All characters play a necessary role or function in the evolutionary process of spiritual consciousness.

The process begins with the promise of blessings to all nations and ends with a proclamation of enlightenment for all nations in a new heaven and earth.

Integral Theology is directly related to the concept of God as All in All – not all in some. Therefore, everything experienced within the Narrative plays an integral part.

Integral Theology



A podcast exploring Universal God Identity In the Biblical Narrative through the lens of Integral Consciousness.

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Our Team




Doug King and his wife, Denée, live in Dacula, GA. He has a background in business and worked with his father, author, scholar and speaker Max King, to form Presence International, a growing network that engages emergent, integral, and interspiritual organizations and idea leaders.



Daniel C. Haas, I’m a husband, a father, and the owner of a real estate and property management company in the greater Kansas City area.

For the past decade, I have engaged in studies with the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, and Integral Theory and how these fundamental frameworks have evolved the depth and richness of the biblical narrative, allowing the stories to come alive in fresh new ways in our time. When one correlates these different frameworks with the appreciation and wisdom of other disciplines, cultures, and traditions, a revolutionary new paradigm emerges.  Cont'd....



I am blessed to have received certifications in Spiral Dynamics from Dr. Don Beck, including a Value Match Practitioner certification for the proctoring and coaching of various S.D. assessment tools. I have completed an Integral Theory Certification from Core Integral, and I am an Integral Enneagram Practitioner and Coach with the Conscious Academy in Cairo, Egypt. I’m currently finishing certification courses as a Teacher of Presence and as an Archetypal Consultant.

All of this has led to a new endeavor in the second half of my life, Next Level Emergence, a transformation support network that promotes the education and development of a modern independent spiritual path. For the last several years, I’ve been learning and working with Presence. I am privileged to partner with Doug King as a staff writer, editor, and contributor for upcoming books and courses that advance the pioneering work of the late Max King. I look forward to contributing to workshops, conferences, and other live events to promote this groundbreaking vision. 





We get to share this message with the world because of the incredible generosity of our patrons who give to further the Presence mission and vision.


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